Varicose Veins

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AVC treats Veins that have become enlarged and tortuous. The term commonly refers to the veins on the leg, although varicose veins can occur elsewhere.

How it Works

Did you know that those bludging, torturous uncomfortable looking veins that appear on your leg are actually called Varicose veins and that they can removed!! Who Knew!? We did! Which is why we have been successfully treating veins for over 20 years from this same location on Chapel street south Yarra.

Sclerotherapy is the most common Vein treatment. It works by injecting a clear solution into the vein. This solution acts to collapse the walls of the vein, and making them stick together. Our body then acts to absorb the sclerosed vein, creating new pathways for blood flow. Subsequently those huge veins shrink down into nothing, leaving you with smooth looking legs, ready for the up and coming beach destination holiday!

Common Questions

More often than not Varicose veins will appear on one or both of your legs. The reason that occurs is because the valves that help circulate blood from your legs back to the heart weaken over time. This results in the slow pooling of blood, and the appearance of swollen veins on the skin surface.

Varicose veins if left untreated may begin to cause pain and discomfort. The colour of the vein will begin to change on the skin surface. You may also begin to experience minor swelling and puffiness in the leg. If left for too long, it can lead to ulceration of the skin in more severe cases. We recommend that as soon as you become aware of a varicose vein appearing, you come in for a consultation.

The Jury is still out as to who or why these veins develop. The main factors are hereditary, pregnancy, age, and jobs that require prolonged standing (e.g. teachers, hair dressers, retail staff).

In the initial consultation our Vein specialist Dr John Marx, will go through a full account of how veins are formed. He will map out your surface veins, and scan the deeper veins with our Ultrasound machine. Having the use of the ultrasound gives Dr John Marx an exact picture of what is happening deeper in the leg. You will get a costing and treatment plan at the end of the consultation. We know that these things can be scary and costly. Hence there are no out of pockets costs for the initial consultation, but we ask you bring a medicare card so we can bulk bill the appointment

Treatment of varicose vein should take no longer than 30-45 minutes depending on the severity of the varicose vein. You can even go back to work the same day. There is no down time! You will be recommended to wear a light compression garment for 1-4 weeks after treatment

Our Varicose vein treatment is all non-surgical, and not invasive. It involves some small injections using a very fine vibrating needle. We have a specially designed bed which helps identify the veins through the use of gravity so that we have the best picture possible. John Marx has also specially designed his own vibrating needle. The vibration significantly reduces the pain, and increases the accuracy. We use an ultrasound machine when injecting deeper leg veins.

You do not need a referral to see our Vein specialist.

You can contact us via our booking page  or you can call us on 9824 1166 and speak to one our lovely reception staff

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