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Australian Vein Clinics - South Yarra

Our friendly and knowledgable team of expert phlebologists, nurses and support staff will be able to assist you with any queries. Contact us to organise your initial consultation or to find out more!

Your Vein Removal Journey

1. Initial Consult

Our comprehensive initial consultation is where you will first meet your vein specialist and begin your journey. This will begin with a discussion regarding your venous history followed by an Ultrasound of the area to discover underlying issues. A personalised treatment plan will be recommended to you with a customised quote.

2. Your First Treatment

It’s time for us to work our magic! All treatments are performed within the clinic and are walk-in walk-out. Treatments take 30-60 minutes, do not require any general anaesthetic and are non-surgical.

3. Aftercare

Your vein specialist will discuss all aftercare instructions thoroughly prior to your treatment and a comprehensive aftercare guide will be supplied. Aftercare instructions include mandatory walking and compression garment wear. Your vein specialist will also be directly contactable after hours.

4. Review

This is a vital part of your journey as it gives us the opportunity to check how the veins have reacted to the treatment. Sometimes, the treatment may result in small amounts of trapped blood which can cause mild discomfort. In your review, your vein specialist will release any trapped blood.

5. Continuing your Journey

Your personalised treatment plan was made for YOU! To get the ideal outcome it is important to follow the recommended amount of sessions discussed in your initial consultation and wear your compression stockings after any treatment.

6. Love Your Results

Now that your veins have been treated, go and flaunt your legs.

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